What We Do

JF Strategic Management is a firm which specialise in providing “Total solution based” services to our client. We offer a complete range of business Solutions which is customised to our client’s needs. With a client base of mostly SME, we understand challenges our client faces in a market which rely heavily on operation efficiency to stay profitable.

Our niche could be classified under 4 aspect namely:

  • Advance Metrology Solutions
  • Robotic Automation and Process Control
  • Automated storage solutions and material handling systems
  • Space Optimisation Solutions

JF Strategic Management is the manufacturer of a range of products such as the I vision series of advance measurement equipment which is widely used in Asia with over 1000 units in service solely in South East Asia, Agility range of Radio Shuttle Systems which is deployed in more than 150 companies globally. We are also the exclusive distribution partner in Singapore of the SMART QC 4.0 system which is a proprietary software which allows full automation of QC processes.

JF Strategic Management is also strategic partners with various industrial leaders such as Kawasaki Robotics, Renishaw, Fanuc & MODULA.

The guiding principles on which our firm was founded still define our approach towards our customers today. They are the foundation for all our strategies implementation projects and have contributed to our long term success and lasting client relationship. We always put clients first. We place great value on understanding and serving our clients’ individual needs and apply this thoughtful client oriented approach to managing each portfolio.

Our proposed strategies are directed toward clear focused objectives and bound by an active feedback process. Our relationship with you isn’t a straitjacket, it’s a compass. We are not distracted by short terms market changes or fads. You will know what we’re doing and why.

Our commitment to meticulous research helps us to uncover opportunities and limit risk. With a focus on the long term, we seek out quality characteristics in every projects we undertake.

Remaining steadfast to these principles, we will continue to help clients in the pursuit of their companies’ goals & objectives.

JF Strategic Management has always been a people-based firm. We select our professionals carefully and reward them for exceptional client service. Our people work together in teams in order to optimize professional performance and offer service continuity. Clients benefit from the collective best thinking of our team and someone who is familiar with your project is available to you when you call.

JF Strategic Management welcomes client participation. We’re always ready to listen to your ideas, explain our strategies, and develop a plan that suits your goals and tolerance. Working together works best. That’s our philosophy, that’s our practice.

What We Commit To You

We believe that client relationship are central to this firm and we are committed to being accessible to you, earning your trust and delivering quality services and products to you every time. We aspire to work side by side with you as it fuels our best thinking and leads to some of our most productive strategic. We strongly believe that working together benefit everyone and this will always serve as a reminder that we are in the business to serve individual clients and we will not lose sight of that mission.