i Vision Metrology

i Vision video measuring systems are versatile “all-in-one” multi-sensor measuring systems built to handle a wide variety of measurement tasks.

monitor screen, keyboard and mouse on a beige rectangle table

The “CLASSIC”product line offers a wide range of XYZ measurement volumes, from 300x200x200 mm to 400x300x200 mm with full automatic X, Y & Z operation. The POMEAS high-resolution lens provides 18-220x magnification and can achieve an accuracy of up to (2.8+ L / 150)μm.

The i Vision system can be configured as an economical yet capable multi-sensor metrology system with numerous combinations of touch probes, scanning probes, micro-probes, and lasers. The i Vision system is extremely popular, with thousands in service worldwide.

  • Four-axis CNC high-performance closed-loop servo control system enables high speed and stable operations.
  • Germany screw drive technology provides a smooth and quiet operation, precise positioning.
  • Advanced XYZ plane, vertical precision calibration technology with fast autofocus.
  • Friendly software interface, simple operation, automatic boundary, part programming and automated measurements.
  • Equipped with powerful SPC statistical functions, greatly improve management efficiency.
  • Equipped with RU2 is the most advanced LAMOTION grid line engraving technique designed to provide feedback for high-precision linear measurement.
  • Powerful Renishaw probe measurement function for 2D & 3D measurement.

The powerful INSPECT 3D Software is user friendly and interactive while also supporting S-Video output. Measurement output can be exported to WORDS or EXCEL for Statistical analysis. INSPECT 3D has a powerful coordinate translation, rotation and reset function. Users may switch between a variety of edge finder mode for automatic detection of points and round arc.