Radio Shuttle Racking System

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What Are Radio Shuttle Racking Systems?

Radio Shuttle Racking Systems are a semi-automated solution for storage of high-volume palletized goods and mass storage products. They are especially effective for distribution or logistics centers, where you may need quick and efficient supply and distribution.

Benefits of Radio Shuttle Racking Systems

  • Efficiency gain: By transporting pallets more quickly and effectively than conventional forklifts, the Radio Shuttle Racking System cuts down on the time and labour needed for material handling.
  • Increased storage capacity: The Radio Shuttle Racking System’s high-density design makes the most use of the available space, boosting storage capacity and obviating the need for extra warehouse space.
  • Better safety: By decreasing the need for forklifts in the warehouse, the Radio Shuttle Racking System lowers the risk of accidents and injuries related to forklift use.
  • Improved accuracy: Accuracy is increased thanks to the Radio Shuttle Racking System’s exact and effective pallet storage and retrieval, which lowers mistakes and enhances inventory control.
  • Cost-effective: The Radio Shuttle Racking System may decrease labour expenses, enhance storage space, and improve warehouse efficiency, all of which lead to cost savings.
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