We pair extensive industrial land knowledge and functional expertise across sectors to help organizations reimagine the role they play in space acquisition, development, and use. We partner with organizations to maximize value, transform their businesses and build the new capabilities needed to win.

JTC Lease Renewal & Assignment of Lease

Tapping the rich expertise and varied experience of our consultancy team, we provide a consultative approach on the JTC LR Process. We support our client through the entire process from submission of business plan, advisory 0n FAI (Fix Asset Investment) in P&M, MGPR ( Minimum Gross Plot Ratio) and Redevelopment.

Development and Construction

Maximizing returns for large scale-development by applying insights on the latest SMART building technology and solutions which would optimize capital costs, industrializing and accelerating the ROI on capital investments.


Increase usability through Space optimization, designing new operating models, revolutionizing user experience and building analytics capabilities to enable data-driven decisions.