Our Real Estate Consultancy Services

JTC Lease Renewal/ Extension

With our expertise in JTC lease renewal and extension, we navigate the complexities of the Singapore industrial property market. Trust us to ensure compliance with regulations and consider factors like business performance and proposed usage.

JTC Assignment of Lease

Unlock the potential of your JTC lease with our expert consultancy services for JTC Lease Assignment. Our experienced team offers tailored solutions, from lease reviews to strategic negotiations, to ensure a seamless and efficient assignment process.

JTC Factory Launch & Tender Application

Our dedicated team of factory setup consultants provides expert guidance throughout the process, from identifying suitable factory options to preparing and submitting tender applications.

JTC Industrial Land / Industrial Government Land Sales (IGLS)

Our team of experienced real estate consultants specializes in helping businesses navigate the intricacies of industrial land acquisition. We provide expert guidance throughout the entire process, from identifying suitable land parcels to preparing and submitting bids for government land sales.

JTC Third Party Build & Scheme

Our team of experts is well-versed in the intricacies of this scheme, which allows businesses to engage third-party developers to construct custom-built facilities on JTC’s land.

JTC Anchor Tenant Application

We specialize in helping businesses become anchor tenants in JTC’s industrial developments. With our expertise, we guide you through the application process, providing insights and ensuring compliance with JTC’s requirements.

Development and Construction

Maximizing returns for large scale-development by applying insights on the latest SMART building technology and solutions which would optimize capital costs, industrializing and accelerating the ROI on capital investments.


Increase usability through Space optimization, designing new operating models, revolutionizing user experience and building analytics capabilities to enable data-driven decisions.

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