Smart QC 4.0 is a revolutionary quality management software comprising an integrated set of applications that encompass key aspects of quality management.

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Inspection Manager includes modules for :

  • Inspection planning/design (APQP) 
  • Customer requirements management
  • Inspection document management 
  • Internal and supplier measurement results data collection
  • Inspection equipment management and calibration schedule (MSA) 
  • Management and tracking of inspection employees (HR) and their measurement activities
  • Business process implementation and more 

These are all tied together and share a single repository to allow for consistent, reliable, and accessible data.

We specialize in developing software to assist in the management of quality process improvement, including activities related to the needs of ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, QOS, APQP, etc.

Smart QC 4.0 offers a user-friendly contemporary and clean interface that enables users to develop, control, and deploy inspection plans, related documents, requirements, and measurement instructions throughout the organization. The system provides an infrastructure that is specially designed to standardize and structure inspection data across an entire supply chain.

Smart QC 4.0 QMS

Smart QC 4.0 QMS includes the following key components:

  • CD (Centralized Database Server)
  • IPB (Inspection Process Builder)
  • MD (Machine Data)
  • DMC (Document Management and Control)
  • MSM (Measurement Systems Management)
  • IMX (Shop Floor Data Collection)
  • IME (Automated Shop Floor Data Collection)
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List of Major Metrology Vendors/Machines Supported
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Here is a selected list of major metrology vendors/machines which support out-of-the-box:

  • Zeiss Calypso
  • Hexagon PC-DMIS
  • Renishaw Modus
  • Nikon Camio
  • Wenzel Open-DMIS
  • Mitutoyo Geomeasure
  • SmartScope OGP
  • Micro-Vu InSpec
HighQA Inspection Manager

Smart QC 4.0 sophisticated data Import Engine facilitates a collection of measurement of results from a large variety of metrology machines and devices.

When importing data, users do not need to select the machine/device where the data is coming from. Instead, Smart QC 4.0 can automatically detect the import format and process the data accordingly. Currently, in the marketplace, such a level of automation and usability is unique to the Smart QC 4.0 product.

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Automatic Mapping of the Results

Automatic Mapping of the Results

Differentiating from other similar products, Smart QC 4.0 performs automatic mapping of the results with the original Inspection Plan. This automation helps to save countless hours of manually matching work, thus preventing human errors. Matched inspection results are colour-coded and instantly displayed on the diagram. The color-coded visual results can be exported as PDF and shared with colleagues or customers.

Smart QC 4.0 also provides an easy-to-use conflict resolution interface whereby inspection personnel can see and easily resolve the Inspection Plan and Inspection Results mismatches and the tolerance/nominal insurances

Data Collection Automation

Data Collection Automation

Smart QC 4.0 provides built-in automation tools to allow unattended retrieval of the digital measurement data in real time.

Automatic data capture mechanism supports simultaneous input from an unlimited number of machines and devices.

Adding a new machine/device to a pool of automatic data retrieval is just a matter of a few simple clicks.