Why Use Vertical Carousel Module Systems as Storage Carousels

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Automated vertical carousels are becoming increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry. These high-density automated storage solutions can help streamline operations and maximise efficiency in any production environment. With a vertical carousel, companies can benefit from improved company operations, faster cycle times, and reduced labour costs.

What is a Vertical Carousel?

A Vertical Carousel is an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) that uses an elevator-style system to store and retrieve items. This automated carousel which rotates vertically around all carriers, past the access window in order to get to the required storage location. This efficient, cost-effective storage solution is used in many industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centres, hospitals, libraries and retail stores. The vertical carousel provides improved company operation, space utilisation and cycle times compared to traditional static shelves or manual systems.

The vertical carousel consists of two main components: the lift mechanism, which moves up and down the track, and the attached shelving units holding items on each level. The shelving units can be customised depending on the size of the item being stored, and they are constructed from durable materials such as steel or aluminium for long-life operation. Additionally, each shelf can be locked for added security during the process. They are also great for goods with a high picking frequency and for similarly sized inventory.

Components of a Vertical Carousel System

A vertical carousel system is a high storage density management solution that allows businesses to maximise space utilisation and increase material handling efficiency. The system consists of three main parts: the control unit, the drive unit, and the storage bins. The control unit monitors and controls all operations within the carousel system. It features an intuitive user interface with a colour-coded touchscreen display that simplifies the machine’s navigation and operation.

Additionally, it initiates automatic cycling of each bin to pick up materials and send items back for storage or retrieval. The drive unit is responsible for movement within the vertical carousel system. It utilises an encoder feedback loop technology which allows it to recognise bin locations accurately, ensuring that items get picked up from the right place at all times.

Benefits of Vertical Carousel

Storage solutions for bulky and heavy products have been made possible with vertical carousel warehouse shelving systems. This is an excellent alternative to horizontal carousel shelving. Here are the benefits this automated storage system can provide for you.


Shelving that stacks items vertically and laterally takes up a lot of floor space because it stacks them vertically. A vertical storage system saves a lot of space and reduces employee effort and time in locating items.

Ensure Safety

The Vertical Storage Carousel eliminates the need for operators to hunt down aisles for products, bend over, and climb to collect them for long periods by bringing stored objects to an ergonomic work counter. It makes working safer for employees by reducing the risk of injuries and fatigue.

Maintaining Stock Accurately

By combining the vertical carousel with a WMS or inventory control software, more accurate stocktakes can be achieved. This reduces errors and allows for easier stock management.

Provide High-Density Storage

They can be tailored to your needs and enable high-density storage, be it in production or in the warehouse. The result is maximum storage space with a minimal footprint.

Increasing Productivity

A vertical carousel is an ideal storage option for warehouse storage that needs to access items quickly and efficiently. Combining three-dimensional storage with easy-to-use software controls allows users to access whatever they need without having to search through shelves or racks.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Vertical Carousel

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Getting a vertical carousel is a huge investment decision. There are things to consider before getting a vertical carousel, such as:

Height of Clear Space

When it comes to a vertical carousel, the clear height of your space or facility is something you must keep in mind. Since vertical carousels minimise horizontal space by extending upward, you should plan your warehouse according to the clear area.

Items Similar in Weight & Size

There are shelves or carriers on a vertical carousel that are connected by a loop and rotate vertically, delivering stored goods to the operator as it does so. To prevent load imbalances, It is recommended that items be weighed similarly and have similar sizes to optimise storage space since tray positions cannot be changed.

Main Difference between Vertical Carousel and Vertical Lift Modula

Vertical carousels and vertical storage lift modula are two popular types of automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) that offer a variety of advantages to warehouses, distribution centres, and other facilities. Each system offers unique benefits, so it’s important to understand the main differences between them so you can make an informed decision on which solution best meets your organisation’s needs.

The primary difference between a vertical carousel and a vertical lift modula is how items are retrieved. Vertical carousels allow users to rotate the entire unit around to access stored items. On the other hand, vertical lift modules, a storage and picking system, use robotic arms that move up and down within the system to retrieve stored items from their assigned locations.

Vertical Lift Modules are available at heights ranging from 8 to 98 feet. Vertical Carousel Modules, on the other hand, begin a little lower, at just over 7 feet, and can rise as high as 32 feet. Despite the fact that both machines can extend all the way to the ceiling, they are not always necessary.

Understanding how each type of technology works is the key to choosing the right industrial shelving system for your warehouse or manufacturing factory. Adding a vertical storage carousel to your warehouse inventory management system is a substantial investment for maximum storage of your vertical space. Check out JF Strategic Management for their various types of inventory management software available in Singapore.

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