The ZeroClamp zero point clamping system is the modern alternative to the conventional T-slot table: Drastically reduces the setup times and increases your machine capacity.

GARANT zeroclamp item

JF Strategic Management is the distributor for leading brands in the market such as EROWA, Hofmann and GERARDI (ITALY) and provide integration of these systems to existing robotic or automation lines.

Work Holding Solutions

EROWA is known worldwide for clamping systems and the legendary “Flexible Manufacturing Concept” forms the basis for the modern automated production of small series and individual parts. We work closely with the experts in EROWA on implementing manufacturing automation solutions and are their System integrator in Singapore.

Hofmann and GERARDI

The Hoffmann GARANT ZeroClamp system is the most accurate clamping system for the metal working industry. It is the best way of setting up for production and is suitable for all types of machines because it can be quickly and individually configured for all applications. In addition to time and money saved, the ZeroClamp system also guarantees repetition accuracy, providing clean clamping points and efficient production. All forces of the system act on center, allowing you to achieve the highest level of precision.